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Global Web Design & Technology has partnered with Constant Contact! Whether you need us to create, design, manage, promote and launch your Email Marketing Campaigns for you or you want to do that yourself, we can help!

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Why Email Marketing?

Just a few reasons to use email marketing!

Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. Just as other platforms and media have changed, email marketing tools give your business the ability to reach customers easier than ever. 
1. Stay in contact with your audience - Those that have signed up to your email list have already made a commitment to receive these notes. So they will likely enjoy these emails (as long as you give them something worth reading) and it will boost engagement with your customers.
2. Reach customers in real-time According to Litmus, 54% of all emails were opened on a mobile device. This is significant and should come into play when planning any marketing strategy. More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to access not only emails but all other types of media and information. Not only that, well-designed emails produce higher conversion rates on mobile than any other medium.
3. People engage with emails . You can use email to drive people to your website, to pick up the phone and call or any other call to action. In fact, over 25 percent of sales last year were attributed to email marketing.
4. Increase brand awareness Nope, social media isn’t the only platform that helps a company’s brand awareness. Email marketing gives you the ability to increase that interest level, that brand awareness, by staying top of mind. Try some email marketing that promotes your activeness in the local community. Too many times companies try to sell, sell, sell their products via email marketing, and completely ignore the brand awareness factor. By doing so, they’re also prohibiting the ultimate possibility of building customer trust and adding a sense of personality to their brand.

Email Marketing Business Benefits!

Whether you want to manage your own email marketing campaign or have us create and manage your email marketing campaigns for you - we can help! Call 763-225-3155 or email Sales.

Email Marketing Services

Global Web Design & Technology provides the flexibility and options that you need!

Whether you need Global Web Design & Technology to create, design, manage, promote and launch your Email Marketing Campaigns for you or you want to do that yourself, we can help!

Email Marketing

We Do Everything For You

We will tailor email marketing services to your business needs.  We will create, brand, design, launch and manage your email marketing campaigns.  We have monthly subscriptions available to make these services affordable for you and your business. 

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Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing

You manage everything - We help as needed!

We can put you in the drivers seat and provide the tools you need to do your own email marketing.  If you would like to do your own email marketing, please

call 763-225-3155 to get started today or fill out the form below!  We have support plans available to help you as needed.

Website Design & Solutions

We Create & Design Affordable Solutions

Need a company website?  Need an E-Commerce Website?  Whatever the case may be, we can help!  We have great solutions to fit most needs and budgets.  We even can extend functionality of websites that we create to provide what your business needs.  Once the website has been created, you can login and edit your own content. Call 763-225-3155 today for more information!

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